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Introduction to Business, Marketing, and Management

This course is designed as an introductory overview of the Business, Marketing, and Management Career Field. This course introduces students to finance, marketing, and management. Units of study include scope and function of business and economic systems, forms of business ownership, legal and ethical issues in business and career opportunities in a business career.

Information Technology Applications III

Students will work with a variety of software to develop items, such as desktop-published documents, digital media, podcasts, and E-portfolios. Students will develop skills in storyboarding, digital video capturing and editing, beginning animation, photo editing, and web design. A project-based approach is used through the integration of a variety of digital media.


Desktop Publishing

Students will develop skill in the electronic procedures of producing and editing publications. Students will create, format, illustrate, design, layout, edit/revise and print publications, including electronically produced newsletters, flyers, brochures, reports, advertisements, materials and other publications. Students will demonstrate document composition and communication competencies.


Digital Media

Students will create, design and product digital media programs including sound, video, graphics, text, animation, and motion graphics. Emphasis will be placed on effective use of tools for interactive multimedia production including storyboarding, visual development, project management, and web processes.


Web Design and Development

Students will demonstrate knowledge of web design and languages, including HTML, and utilize web design software to develop web pages. Students will apply principles and elements of design using images, hyperlinks, tables, forms, and cascading style sheets. Students may also maintain a school web site.

accounting This two-semester course covers sole-proprietorship accounting principles involved in the preparation and maintenance of financial records concerned with business management and operations.  It is a comprehensive introduction to basic financial accounting including recording, summarizing and reporting, principles of income measurement and asset valuation, accounting systems and controls.  Students are exposed to careers in the accounting field and are given the opportunity to perform accounting applications using the computer.  An introduction to partnerships and corporations may be included.

A course designed to assist students in personal financial management skills.  Students learn to manage their resources and to make sound personal financial decisions.  Units of study include budgeting, credit, insurance, saving and investing, home ownership, banking, taxes, will, and estates.





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